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Winnelson Company, as we know it today, started in 1958 as N. O. Nelson Company in Pueblo, Colorado. Founded in 1876, N. O. Nelson Company, or NONCO as it was known, was originally a manufacturer of plumbing and industrial equipment, However, depressions and economic struggles took their toll and the company fell into bankruptcy in 1956, forcing it to sell all of its factories and equipment. Two years later, now owned and operated by its employees, the company was reorganized and give a new direction towards the wholesale market.

Grand Junction N. O. Nelson was started in 1965 and within a year was being managed by John Christianson, one of the original Pueblo "employee owners". In 1986, the N. O. Nelson was changed to Winnelson, offering a more positive connotation of the name. Around that time, Grand Junction Winnelson moved from its original location on South 4th Street, to its current location on Gunnison Avenue.

In 1996, John Christianson retired and Rick Thatcher, a prominent employee of the company since 1973, became president of Grand Junction Winnelson. Ed Connors, Tammy Cummings, and Bob Hoback have been mainstays as well, each having been with the company for well over 15 years.

Although Winnelson as a whole has grown and evolved into a billion dollar sales network, it still holds onto a very strong business philosophy of being employee owned and operated and selling service above all else to our customers. Under the continued leadership of Winholesale, we are always looking to expand and start new companies where an individual can hold ownership and be part of a thriving organization.


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